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Since 1998, Abravidro is responsible for the development and update of technical standards for float glass by means of the Brazilian Committee for Float Glass, ABNT/CB-37, headquartered in the association itself.

Abravidro organizes and conducts the meetings of the Brazilian Association for Technical Standards (ABNT). Member entity of ISO, ABNT is the organism responsible for the technical normalization in Brazil.

Abravidro’s initiatives concerning the normalization are extended to Mercosul, being responsible for the technical secretariat of the Mercosul Sectorial Committee for Float Glass (CSM 21). This work counts with the participation of the other glass chambers and normalization organisms of the member countries of the bloc.

Purposes of normalization

Standardization — To simplify and reduce procedures to the elaboration of products and execution of services.

Communication — To provide efficient means to the exchange of information between producers and consumers, thus improving the reliability of trade and services relations.

Economy — To reduce costs of products and services, thus providing both the consumer and the producer with better market conditions.

Protection — To provide safety and adequate health conditions to the human being.

Quality to the consumer — To make the possibility to check the quality of products and services available to the society.

Elimination of trade barriers — To avoid the existence of conflicting legislation on products and services in different countries, thus making trade exchange easier. Normalization is also an excellent argument for sales to the international market, as well as to regulate the importation of products that are not in accordance with the standards of the importing country.

How the technical standards for glass are elaborated

A study commission is formed with representatives from the concerned parties. After the discussion and approval by consensus, the project is submitted to the analysis of the society through a public consultation process. The technical suggestions or objections presented during this process are analyzed and considered by the study commission, before the standard project is approved for publication as a Brazilian standard by ABNT.

To acquire the technical standards, access ABNT’s website.


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