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In an unprecedented effort to map the actions of the national flat glass sector, Abravidro created Panorama Abravidro in 2012. The document, edited by the entity, is published every year. It brings updated data of the Brazilian market, including information on the base and transformation industries, as well as the numbers of the apparent consumption of glass in Brazil, nominal capacity of production of flat glass in the factories, international trade balance, among others.

In order to reach the data disclosed in the document, Abravidro invites companies to participate in a survey. The results are consolidated by GPM Consultoria Econômica, hired to calculate the information of the sector and relate it to the IBGE’s Pesquisa Industrial Anual (Annual Industrial Survey), to official import and export figures from the government, as well as to statements from the base industry to the O Vidroplano magazine.

Edições anteriores

  • Panorama Abravidro 2022 - 2022
  • Panorama Abravidro 2021 - Maio/2021
  • Panorama Abravidro 2020 - Junho/2020
  • Panorama Abravidro 2019 - 2019
  • Panorama Abravidro 2018 - Maio/2018
  • Panorama Abravidro 2017 - Maio/2017
  • Panorama Abravidro 2016 - Maio/2016
  • Panorama Abravidro 2015 - Maio/2015
  • Panorama Vidreiro 2014 - Abril/2014
  • Panorama Vidreiro 2013 - Abril/2013
  • Panorama Vidreiro 2012 - Abril/2012


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